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Experiences for Co-workers

Online social experiences were always coming, they just came 5 years earlier than expected - and we know why that is!

But oh, the advantages.  Connect your team wherever they are in the country, or indeed the world.  No time consuming flight or accommodation planning (not to mention the costs saved).

Live! Virtual Cookalongs can be tailored to meet your requirements.

How about a lunchtime session?  We've all had that lightening flash of inspiration in the shower right?  Being totally absorbed in something else, such as making a great lunch, can mean that problem unknots itself in your brain and you go on to have a great afternoon.

If an evening session to unwind would suit your company more then contact us to discuss our Tapas, Moroccan, Fakeaway or Asian Cookalongs.

Corporate Class Testimonial

 "I just wanted to say thank you - we had a blast Friday night. Wonderfully run session and such delicious food.


Super positive feedback from the attendees."

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Healthy Cooking

Example Cookalong Menus

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