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Are you a Saver?

I am! I use (probably overuse) the Save function next so Social media posts A LOT! A new restaurant opening, something to see at the cinema or that thing I must tell such-and-such about, it all gets saved. How often do I look at those saved items though? The answer is barely ever. I did it today though and the majority of my 'saves' are around recipes and cooking tips- not really surprising. Some of those tips solve problems I've had in the kitchen so I'm sharing them here so we all can benefit.

Measuring out a Sticky substance (e.g. Honey, Maple Syrup)

Two great tips for you here

  1. Wipe the inside of the measuring spoon with a tiny amount of oil before you pour in the honey. It should then slide off the spoon into your mix easily

  2. Use your measuring spoon to make an indent into your dry ingredients (eg flour). When you remove it you're left with the shape (and more importantly volume) of the measurement you want.

Getting Soft butter ready for creaming

Oh how many methods have I tried for this. I've ended up with liquid butter on so many occasions. Fridge cold butter just won't do if you're making a buttercream or biscuits. Worry not though, simply boil your kettle and pour the hot water into a heatproof glass (or pyrex jug) then pour it out again and invert the empty glass over your butter. Get on with weighing out the rest of your ingredients and in a few minutes your butter will be soft!

Air Fry Your Eggs

Lots of us now have an Air Fryer in their kitchens. Did you know you can quickly use it to hard boil or soft boil your eggs? Just pop them into the basket area. Time for 12 minutes for hard yolks and 10 mins for soft yolks at 150C. No fussing with pans & water.

Store Nut Butters Upside Down

Tired of starting your snack process with the inevitable mixing of the nut oil back into your peanut, almond or cashew butter? The better quality the butter the more this happens it seems

Try storing the jars upside down and the problem seems to disappear.

If you're a Social media saver like me - well done! Pressing save next to a post tells Facebook, Instagram and the like that this post is a good one and worth showing to others, so help all the small businesses you follow by saving their posts now and again.

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