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Soya for the Menopause

This week has seen the launch of a new Programme from It's From Scratch. It's also coincided with menopause issues appearing in the news a great deal. Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT) are in short supply and the UK government appointed a tsar at the end of April 2022 to improve the supply chain.

Also this week, Davina McCall is presenting a Channel 4 documentary, Sex, Mind and the Menopause where she explores the effects of the menopause on women's minds, with brain fog an issue for thousands of women.

Gwen, It's From Scratch founder, has been experimenting in her own kitchen with diet changes which might help her own symptoms, specifically hot flushes (not ideal when you're presenting a cookalong😂), sleepless nights and dry eyes. Her research led her to discover that Plant Oestrogens can be beneficial (see this Factsheet from The Association of UK dieticians) and that soya was a good source of these.

Now soya can be a tricky ingredient to get to grips with, some people may never have cooked with it, so including it in your diet may be a challenge. That is where our multi-formatted cookalong comes in.

The Soya for the Menopause programme can be delivered

  • As an online LIVE cookalong - we have one scheduled already for Sunday 15th May.

  • As a pre-recorded video with prep sheet & recipe card for you to watch at your convenience.

  • As an in-person experience - get some women together in your kitchen and we'll do the rest.


In the Cookalong we'll create these 3 dishes together. Each one has been chosen to use soya in a different format. The Spicy Asian Noodle dish uses firm tofu, the Mocha Pie uses silken tofu and the Chopped Salad, edamame beans. The dishes are all adaptable so with small changes you can use them again and again and never get bored.

But we're not stopping there, Flaxseeds for the Menopause is something we are working on now as these are another little know ingredient which can have positive effects.

Please note - While evidence is still growing, some data suggests women with HER-2-positive tumors and pre-menopausal women at high risk for breast cancer should avoid phytoestrogens (source You should always consult your GP to discuss diet changes or Menopausal symptoms.

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