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Feeding our Flexitarian Households

I was feeling pretty smug, it was November 2018, I'd just finished project Goody 50 Shoes and the environmental consultant being interviewed on the radio was saying "if you eat meat, eat it infrequently and make sure it's high welfare, preferably organic." So far so self-congratulatory - that had been my mantra for many years. Her next sentence however was "and if you're already doing that, you should consider becoming vegetarian'!!

Decades of being a bit of an eco warrior meant I had to consider those words and take action. And that's been it, since then I've not eaten meat for 'planet-saving' reasons. Apparently I could eat venison as it's not farmed but I haven't. I do eat fish (so strictly speaking I'm pescatarian). In the first year I pretty much replaced all meat with cheese but a concerned call from my doctor about a rise in my cholesterol levels put a stop to that!

In the middle of last year, our youngest daughter (16) decided to also become vegetarian. So now our family consists of

  • Me with my no meat, minimal cheese diet

  • My husband who will thankfully eat anything but due to cycling 'A LOT' has some specific calorie/carb needs

  • Our eldest who is away at uni but is a pretty committed carnivore

  • Our youngest who is not eating meat and eats no fish but does eat seafood

This is not unusual at all. I know from speaking to friends and customers that this situation in some form is replicated in their families. And its not new. More than 30 years ago my sister announced she was going vegetarian, knowing what I know about food in the 70s and 80s I can sympathise with my mother and the challenges that presented at that time. I've also heard from families where a family member would like to go vegetarian but can't quite take the plunge as the main meal creator/shopper does not have the skills, time and confidence to produce multiple meals.

We're in a golden time for this family situation. The rise of veganism has meant new and existing food producers have stocked shops with exciting meat-alternatives. Tofu especially has really grown up. No longer do you need to hunt out that dusty pack in a health food shop, you can buy firm, marinated, teriyaki, tandoori & silken varieties in most places.

It's From Scratch are in a position to help these Flexitarian families so we will! Throughout May we'll be offering 1 hour cookalongs to create a main meal (and possibly a side or a dessert). The objective will be to create 2 versions of the same dish (one with meat, one without) but to make the point at which they diverge so effortless it will feel achievable and repeatable for future family meals. When you consider just about all of us (and of course the planet) could benefit from eating less meat we're pretty sure these classes will be a handy addition to our cookalong programme. It all kicks off on May 8th and you can book one, a couple or the whole series as a cooking course.

Book at and click on the Current Cookalongs button right at the top of our home page

If you book all 5 we'll send you a mini hamper of It's From Scratch favourite ingredients to say thanks.

See you there Flexi families!

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