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Inspiration North

This week I was thrilled to have been featured in this inspirational by name and nature podcast series.

The show notes are below

Episode 121 is with Gwen Young

Gwen talks about how she is bringing courage and culinary creations to people at home.

We discuss:

💬 Being into IT from a young age.

💬 Her abilities in intertwingling recipes thanks to her project management skills.

💬 And her strategic pregnancy that helped her leave teaching.

Gwen's portfolio career is currently in stage 3, food.

Stage 1 was as an IT professional and stage 2 was in education.

Having sold her last food business (an organic food delivery scheme) in June 2020 she has created It's From Scratch Ltd with a mission to make recipes a reality. She hopes to get everyone cooking by removing ingredient, time and skill barriers. When people ask for volunteers Gwen has to sit on her hands, she sings in a choir and is in an unofficial clothes swap arrangement/battle with her teenagers.

How to listen:

🎧 Links in @inspiration_north bio or search for the Inspiration North podcast in your favourite podcast player 🎧

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