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Sheet Pan Meals

So many times in the past few weeks I have seen the term 'Sheet Pan Meals'. Generally it has also appeared in a sentence letting me know they are the answer to all things culinary. "25 sheet pan meals for busy working parents', "This sheet pan meal will get dinner on your table in 30 minutes". Some bold claims which I decided to test out

It turns out a 'sheet pan' is what we in the UK would call a baking tray. The sheet pan method is a way to design your meal so that all the meal components can be roasted with the same cooking time and temperature. What I found was great about the recipes I saw was that veg was always a major component. As a huge roasted veg fan I am now all over these ideas.

For our Flexitarian households these sheet pan meals are revelatory. Choose which proteins you are going for and these can go in foil or other mini baking dishes. Rubs or marinades can be made up then distributed between the dishes.

Veg which is ideal for these sheet pan meals include


Bell peppers






Cherry tomatoes

Sweet potatoes


You can add some filling carbohydrates by cooking some rice or pasta while the sheet pan is in the oven. One very famous sheet pan meal is the tiktok feta and cherry tomato pasta sauce which EVERYONE was making at the start of 2021

There are some amazing recipes out there. We made this delicious Caribbean Island bowl which combined lots of roasted veggies with marinated tofu or chicken. The bottom layer of the bowl comprises of some black beans dressed with olive oil and Cumin and some mango slices and lime add a tropical topping to each dish. Click here to see how we got on when we made it and the tasty results.

You can find this and so many other great ideas for sheet pan meals at

At the weekend, with all the sheet pan knowledge it was easy to freestyle a Flexitarian Sheet Pan Bowl meal. Tofu and Haddock were baked with pesto and a selection of yummy veg. We used our 2-4-6 Rice method while the sheet pan was in the oven and topped the assembled meal with spring onions and lemon wedges. It was truly an effortless Saturday night supper. We'll definitely be experimenting with more sheet pan meals in the coming weeks.

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