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What's an Online Cooking Class Actually Like?

It's January 2021 and diaries are looking empty, evenings are long and the only shops which are open sell food. From Scratch are hoping to bring some fun and practical help to your kitchen with a series of online cooking classes. We've added a full programme of classes such as Tapas Night & Veganuary Inspiration to hopefully give you something to plan for and enjoy. As well as our paid for classes we are offering a free class each month to a local charity (this month its Fighting All Cancers Together)

For a venue based cooking class in a building you probably knew what to expect but we can imagine for a class hosted on zoom you may be curious about how it will all work. To help with that we've produced a handy download for you all. There are also some FAQs below that.

Cookalong what to expect
Download PDF • 6.57MB


Will I need special equipment?

No, We're designing all the classes so you don't need anything extraordinary. In a typical class you'll be using your oven and a hob and will need items such as a chopping board, a peeler, a knife, a few bowls and spoons. If we are making a cake sometimes a loaf tin or round tin of a certain size is needed but recipes and cooking times can be adapted so let us know what you have and we can work around (takeaway containers can work like a dream). You will receive the equipment list in plenty of time

Are the ingredients difficult to source?

Once again we are making sure the sessions do not include any difficult to find ingredients and aiming for ingredients most supermarkets stock in abundance. If you are struggling to find something let us know as we can always suggest alternatives. When we send your the ingredients list we will send it in two formats so you can see what you need for each recipe but also as a categorised shopping list so seeing what you already have/shopping is easier

Might I get left behind by the class?

Everyone works at a different speed but thanks to zoom we can see and chat to everyone to make sure we're all finished a step before we move on. We also schedule in a break for general tidying/catching up

Can my family help?

Your payment is per household/screen so yes anyone in your kitchen can help. The whole family can get involved

Will I be able to hear/see what the instructors want me to do?

Yes, we have 2 cameras, one trained on our chopping board/work area and one on the instructor while they are speaking. You can use zoom to choose the view you want at any one time. If you want any help with using zoom please get in touch before the class and we will send you the guide

Is there any other pre-class preparation?

We'll tell you which ingredients to pre weigh/measure before the class and just have everything to hand. We always recommend you fill your sink with hot soapy water before the class starts so you can pop things in there as you are finished making washing up a breeze

Of course the best way to find out is to book a class. At just £15 per household they are great value and unlike zoom quizzes you end up with a meal to enjoy at the end. If you'd like an exclusive class, perhaps for a friends & family group activity or for your workplace 'get together' please get in touch

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